Theatre Factory is a company limited by guarantee, founded in 2002, has office premises and operational human resource. It is an independent media, Theatre and Film company based in Kampala. Theatre Factory has its core operations conducted in Uganda but have over the last three years extended operations to Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan, this has involved the deployment of substantial human and financial resources.


Among our core activities and accomplishments are:

Recently, the company has been and continues to be, involved with UNDP South Sudan and the South Sudan Bureau for Small Arms Control (SSBCSSAC) in their efforts towards ensuring an arms free public committed to development and peace through an interactive Radio Drama Campaign and Free Travelling Peace Caravan through the States of South Sudan.

Theatre Factory has previously participated in the UHMG ‘Get off the Sexual Network’ campaign under ZK advertising that resulted in ZK advertising wining the media campaign of the year.

Theatre Factory has been heavily involved in Street Theatre activations in Kampala where we have applied invisible and street theatre methodologies to excite street dialogue on various issues of social concern for our TV show ‘Barbed wire’ on UBC TV and also to market the conservation of chimpanzees for Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary.


We have further on been engaged by UNICEF Uganda in their peer education initiatives under which three radio drama series were developed, one each for the districts of Kamwenge, Kabarole and Mbarara.


Further interactive communication engagement with UNICEF included Theatre for Development activations in post conflict Bundibugyo and Kasese Districts and also resettlement of demobilized soldiers in Eastern and Northern Uganda.


Theatre factory has also been engaged by Uganda Police Force to design messages discouraging terror activities and promoting the practices and adherence to human rights.

The company has also been involved in community performances promoting proper hygiene practices in the slums of Mulago 2 and Bwaise in Kampala.


Weekly comedy nights attracting a weekly audience of 1200 clients to its witty, cmic skits performed live on stage;


Production and management services for film and television industries;

Stage and Mobile Theatre Productions including sweet and Sour-National Theatre and Schools Tour, Nasty Good Story- National Theatre, Crazy Storms- National Theatre, Get away from Me- Royal Court Theatre-UK, Kintu the legend – Schools Tour, The Exodus- Schools Tour, and Pinocchio- National Theatre and Schools Tour;


Television and Radio Series including Barbed Wire- NTV, Child of a Delegate-UBC, Binkwasireho- Radio West, Somona High- Voice of Toro, Marere SS-Radio Edigito, Dumped and Dumpers-UHMG Campaign, Mileh fi Leben-UNDP South Sudan Radio Campaign, Quiet and We Hear- BBC

Featured Films; They Stopped Eating Fruits- Uganda Securities Exchange, Tebakyalya Bibala- Uganda Securities Exchange, Waiting for My Tractor- DENEVA, Eating Nuts- Own Production.


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