Drawing on over seven years of experience in the film and theatre management industries

Theatre factory is an independent media, theatre and film company based Kampala, Uganda.

Since its inception in 2002, Theatre Factory (TF) has invested numerous resources in the use of theatre and film as means of communicating corporate company strategies, and the creation of a sustainable stream of art to inform and entertain individuals across the social spectrum.

We pride ourselves in developing unique concepts and executing professional and tailor made solutions depending on our client’s individual requirements.

Drawing on over seven years of experience in the film and theatre management industries, customer service is paramount to the company and t is an area that differentiates us from the competition.

Where we operate.

Our core operations are conducted in Uganda. However, over the past six years, Theatre factory operations have extended to Kenya and Rwanda, New York, South Sudan and South Africa.

What we do.

We maintain the following products and services:

This is the Theatre Factory’s flagship product that targets the 18-35 year demographic. It constitutes witty, comic skits performed live on stage. Comedy night attracts an average weekly attendance of 1200 clients. Theatre Factory is responsible for these now hugely popular weekly comedy performances. Being the pioneers of this genre in the country, the company now enjoys near cult status from the fans and has stamped the show near permanently onto the city’s social calendar. This is evidenced in numerous mentions in magazines both local and international as well as in most local tourists’ guide books.


Film Unit

We have produced TV series like Barbed Wire, a 20-minute situational comedy TV series that aired on NTV for four years comprising four skits that revolved around situational comedies and highlighted the weeks leading topics covered by print and electronic media. TF also produced Child of a Delegate, a drama series based on the novel “Child of a Delegate” by Hon. Mary Korooro Okurut. The series produced in 2003, aired on UBC (Formally UTV)

Radio Unit

The company radio credits include the creation and production of four radio soaps on behalf of UNICEF. These include Radio west’s “Binkwasireho”, voice of Toro’s “Somana High” and Radio Ndigyito “Marere SS” all of which were hugely popular call-in radio dramas in western Uganda. Theatre Factory has also undertaken the creation and production of TV commercials for Uganda Revenue Authority, and Mukwano industries among others.

Sound Unit

Theatre Factory is equipped with a state of the art sound mixing, public address and entertainment equipment. We also provide specialized film sound equipment.

Corporate and private function.

Theatre Factory engages the following services that can be tailored to suit your specific tastes and preferences: Professional master of ceremonies, Live comedy performances, lighting equipment and sound equipment.

Upon request, we also plan and execute exclusive surprise functions and parties for engagements, wedding proposals, family and romantic get-a-ways, surprise birthday parties, etc.


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